Tuesday, May 09, 2006

North Shore Bank/MasterCard Issues

Another bad experience -

This is from Patrick @ Badger Blogger

Note: In order to place blame squarely were it belongs, North Shore Bank, I have added [North Shore Bank] to the original post.

Master Card [North Shore Bank] has screwed with me for the last time! This (BadgerBlogger.com) domain was about to expire, so of course I went to the domain registrar that I have been working with for 6 years and have registered or helped others register dozens of domains. They are out of Australia, but they have gone above and beyond the call at very reasonable prices for us in the past, so they have my loyalty. But I have gone through all sorts of hell with Master Card, they denied the payment last week and locked down my account because they have a problem with Australia… even my less than $20 transaction.

When I finally got to customer (non)service, the pleasant young lady on the phone explained what the problem was, and she assured me that they would take care of thing, including authorizing the payment to Australia, but it would take a few hours, she would call me back when it was all cleared up.

About three hours later, I got the call, but things didn’t go as expected, I was told that my card had been reactivated, but they would not authorize the payment to the Australian based company. I am proud of myself, I didn’t express myself with any colorful language, and didn’t hardly raise my voice. I did make it clear that since their product was not compatible with today’s world economy, I would be contacting VISA as soon as I got home and I would then see how well their Master Card
[North Shore Bank] shredded.

On the way home, I stopped and bought a prepaid VISA card and was able to quickly renew all three of my domains for the next two years, so I guess you have to put up with me for a while longer.

Thanks for letting me vent. And if you need a domain,
#1CheapDomains.com is awesome… as long as you don’t use a Master Card [North Shore Bank].

One quick point of clarification and Aaron said it in the comments of the post

Patrick, works kind of like a franchise store.What BANK issued you the card? I won’t deal with Chase anymore because they tried to screw me.