Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The SpottedHorse Doesn't Like NWA

Chris had some problems with Northwest, or as he calls it Northworst, Airlines with his trip to San Francisco.

Quick name the Worst Airline in the history of Air Travel

Survey says, Northwest Airlines(NWA), or as its known by people who have had the misfortune to fly it NorthWorst Airlines.

Getting back to the present, So it was with a large amount of foreboding that I bought the NorthWorst ticket to San Francisco. How bad could it be right? Well 20 minutes into the flight I was repeating my mantra of "Never fly Northworst, I should have paid more to fly Frontier" The NorthWorst planes are old and dirty they have no inseat TV screens and the aircrew is old and surly. I am a short round guy so my first acting when I get in my seat is to fold myself into a small ball so I am not being hit by everyone walking the aisle. My rule of thumb is if the drink cart isn't hitting you your ok. Not on this flight everytime I would try to sleep bam one of the "Fight attendants would bang into me" So unlike my last trip I just wanted to get to SF and get off the dirty nothing to do plane oh and I really liked being glared at when I requested ice for my water.(I am sure those 2 cubes broke the airlines back)

In the end I did get to SF and had a great weekend right up till we got to the airport on Sunday to go home. The ticket counter lady was only interested in getting rid of us. Even though the flight said delayed she said "No I am not showing it being late" Lie number one. Then the GF tried to tell her she needed her bag checked through to NYC since she was going there via Milwaukee(she had bought the MKE ticket then had the NYC trip come up so she had two separate tickets but they should have been able to check the bag through) This became a problem when the flight out of San Francisco left ..... Wait for it 2 hours late so we knew it would be tight in Milwaukee so when we got to Minneapolis we talked to a gate agent and watched her say we can do this(a rare Can Do attitude for a NorthWorst employee)she tried to set up a reroute for the one bag. We even heard her talk to someone in Milwaukee to make sure they would grab the bag and put it on the NYC plane. Oh a final bitch about the San Francisco NorthWorst gate agents if you know your plane will be 2 hours late maybe come down to the gate and answer people questions and try to fix some problems during that delay. Instead of rushing down and just worrying about herding the cattle onto the aircraft when it arrives.

So we get on the plane to MKE and we decided I would wait at baggage until all the bags came out to make sure her bag went to the NYC plane. Yeah Like Northworst could get that right nope they couldn't move the bag from one plane to another 2 gates away. I was standing at the baggage carousel when her bag showed up I was able to reach her on the Cell and she asked them could they hold for a 5 minutes while I ran the bag up . Nope they could have done it if there had been 2 agents they said so but nope not this time. So she got off the plane and didn't go, going without the bag would have been a waste of time. Its funny they have no problem being hours late when its their problem but hold for 5 minutes to help out a passenger no Fraking way.

Me - I am a Midwest Express fan. I can also concur with the negative experience with NWA. I won't fly them anymore either.


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