Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Pick 'n Save - N. Oakland Avenue, Shorewood

Stopped in at that Push and Shove tonight for the first time in nearly a month. After being fed up by nothing more than horrible customer service, I decided I just wasn't going to shop there for a while.

But tonight I didn't feel like stopping in at Sendiks, just down the street from PnS, and figured I'd give the old girl a chance.

It was absolutely dead. Parking was unusually easy. I strolled through the store, made myself a salad at their somewhat sparce salad bar, grabbed 8 lbs of oranges and headed to the checkout.

And it's at the checkout that I always have problems with this particular store.

The cashier was more concerned about having a conversation with her co-workers. She didn't say hello to me. I had to get her attention to hand her my Saver's Card. Since PnS cards anyone regardless of age and I was buying a bottle of wine, I had my ID in hand.

It was the first time since they instituted the policy that I wasn't carded.

I paid with my debit card and wanted cash back. Three times I said to her I wanted cash back. There wasn't an inkling of acknowledgement.

The only person who took notice of my presence was the bagger who thanked me for my patronage.

On the way home I figured I'd had it. I called the manager. I told him about my experience. I calmly explained everything that happened and told him this was the second time I'd complained. I also explained to him that I would never be back in his store and I would let as many people know as I could that they shouldn't shop there either.

So now you know.