Sunday, October 01, 2006

Southridge Mall Food Court.

Mrs RealDebate and I had a late lunch yesterday at the Southridge Mall Food Court.

After checking out the offerings we decided on sammiches from the Steak Escape. We had eaten there years before and always enjoyed the experience.

While placing our order Mrs RealDebate noticed they had coke products and decided to step next door to Arby's for a Pepsi. (she's Pepsi, I'm Diet Coke)

I waited for and received our lunch while Mrs RealDebate stood in the Arby's line. I pointed to the general direction I was heading and she nodded that she would follow.

Looking around I started the eternal search for the cleanest dirty table and found a spot with a view of the happenings at Arby's. She had made her purchase and moved from the order line to the delivery line where she waited.

And waited

And waited

And waited some more.

Five minutes from order to delivery of one Medium Pepsi. They had to flitter around and drop fries and refill napkins, etc instead of filling the easy quick order.

Holy lousy customer service Batman.

While waiting for Arby's the get their Pepsi on our other food sat there and got cold. The sammiches were no where near as good as we remember them, and our fries (usually a yummy treat from the Steak Escape) were nothing but schnivels with narry an example over half an inch in length.

Throw in the gossiping complaining teenage girls at the table next door, and a quadray of screaming children and I would label our entire dining experience an F-.

We might of felt better about the whole experience had we opted for the Cinnabon, but we were so turned off by the whole experience we decided to make like the Democrats and cut and run.


Blogger Billiam said...

I avoid food courts, in part, because I avoid malls. As I've grown older, I've also grown less willing to listen to teen angst, not to mention the experience of bad service. I have, however, had good luck at either chinese or mongolian rest. run by asians. Just my opinion.

2:34 PM  

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